The first sculpture i made was on Bjarkoeya when i was nine years old. Then i decided that it was sculptures i wanted to make. I told the other that i was a native american- a indian- beacuse i was clearly not of the samii people. In 1975 I made 2 sculptures. Since then it has become many more.
Weaving pictures has given me great challenges and i have made seven all together. Big one. Photography for me is to walk around and look for natural and human made shapes that attract my inner eye. Painting with acryl has lately become important for me after i started my art therapeutic approach to it. I work as most as possible without sketches. This way my expression is more honest and the process becomes a lot more teach full for me. It is no coincident that we are here on earth. Our hole life is a learning process .
By creating art the possibility of self development and the possibility  of a deeper understanding comes. That is what is wish to share with others through my exhibitions and performances. My art is in many ways feminine. I believe that there is a difference between the male and female expressions  in the art world. Native and ancient art has also been central in my work. It has given me a platform to work with and also as a source of inspiration. The most essence al question we as a humanity never must stop to ask is something like ;

Who are we ? Why are we here? What to we want?

We must never forget to find our dream in life.
Remember doings and words such as truth love and peace.